The Ready-to-use List of Australian Towns

The most comprehensive downloadable database of all 15,323 cities, towns, villages and suburbs in Australia – with linked state, postcode, latitude-longitude, local government, region, population and more. It's perfect for location searches, marketing, and website development.

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Accurate, consistent & well-organised data

Get all the information you need in one single download, with no need for additional lookups or complex conversions. All records include linked location data (state, state code, latitude and longitude and postcode), plus extra context including population, elevation, average income, time zone and local government area and region.

Updated for April 2024

You can have complete confidence in the quality of our data. All records have been updated using the most recent information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Geoscience Australia, and the latest census releases. The last complete refresh was on the

Includes Excel, CSV and SQL formats

The data is ready to use out-of-the-box with nearly all SQL databases, GIS systems, programming languages and spreadsheet applications – including Excel and Open Office. This means you can get to work with the data quickly and easily, with no time-consuming conversions or imports.

Unrestricted & developer-friendly licensing

There are no restrictive licensing conditions or ongoing fees. The list is yours to use permanently with no renewal charges, no limits on the number of devices or users, and you can use the data for commercial purposes at no extra cost. Find out more about the terms of use.

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PostgreSQL MySQL Excel SQL Server Open Office SQLite Access PHPMyAdmin

“Is every city/town/village included?” and other FAQs

Is every city/town/village included?

All populated places recognised by the Australian Government are listed in the data, with no duplicates. It contains both urban localities (cities, towns, villages and suburbs) plus dispersed rural communities. All states and territories are covered with no gaps in the data.

Can I use the data commercially?

Yes. You're free to use the data for business and commercial purposes. Please see the licensing terms and conditions for exceptions and more information.

When was it last updated?

The last update was made on the

How reliable is the data?

Our data is based on the latest official information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other Government sources. The database is completely refreshed every quarter and undergoes regression testing and quality assurance checks before each release. You can test out the data by downloading a sample or checking the live online search.

Can I see a different sample?

Yes. If the sample data download and online lookup doesn't give you the assurances you need please drop us a line to ask for a custom extract.

Can I get future updates?

Yes. With the annual subscription package you can download the database today, and you'll get complete updates every quarter for the next 12 months (in January, April, July and October).